Student Job

Product Engineer - Graphene Liquid Cells for Transmission Electron Microscopy

Starting Winter 2022 / Spring 2023

HBO – BSc – MSc level| Graphene | Transmission Electron Microscopy | Delft | Innovative Startup | Nanotechnology


Graphene liquid cells (GLCs) are ultrathin graphene-water structures that offer a nanoscale environment for water-based processes. GLCs enable real-time transmission electron microscopy (TEM) on liquid, dynamic samples. Vitrotem is the first company to have developed a device that automates the fabrication of GLCs. Our mission is to open up this disruptive high-resolution imaging mode to research groups worldwide.

As a two-year old start-up company, our team of engineers and scientist are constantly improving and adapting Vitrotem technology to meet the needs of scientists. Are you looking for an opportunity to look into the kitchen of leading research groups in transmission electron microscopy?


Vitrotem’s newly developed GLC fabrication device requires a set of highly accurate consumables to function. As product engineer, you will be in charge of fabrication, quality assessment and improvement of the fabrication process.

We offer

  • Location of work: Delft
  • 16-24 hours / week
  • Plan your own work week
  • Experience outside of university
  • Laboratory & production experience
  • Young startup developing disruptive scientific technology

We’re looking for

  •  HBO, BSc, MSc student
  • Science/Technology background
  • You describe yourself as accurate and precise
  • Eager to learn from onboard training
  • You have the drive to become an independent engineer

Please send your Curriculum Vitae to