Student Job – Junior Product Engineer

Student Job Offer - Junior Product Engineer

Starting Fall 2023

HBO/WO level | Graphene| Delft| Innovative Startup | Nanotechnology

Our Company

Are you looking for an opportunity to look into the kitchen of a scientific start-up company? Our team of engineers has developed world-leading quality graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition. Our graphene is used by researchers around the world to create graphene liquid cells; a unique sample preparation method which enables atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy on liquid samples. Our mission is to bring this disruptive imaging mode to researchers in new materials, energy storage, nanomedicine, catalysis and more.
Vitrotem aims to be a flexible and inclusive working environment. We’re committed to building a team that is welcoming to all.


As part of our production team, you will work on the high-precision fabrication of the components our customers need to use Vitrotem’s system. Our company delivers world-leading quality graphene substrates to scientists across the world. You will be in charge of preparing these substrates for customer use. Together with our development team you will think about process optimization and future automation.

We offer

  • Location of work: Delft
  • 16-24 hours / week
  • Plan your own work week
  • Practical laboratory experience
  • Easy-going atmosphere
  • Vitrotem is committed to being an open and inclusive employer to all

We’re looking for

  • HBO/WO student
  • Science and technology background
  • You have a steady hand and eye for detail
  • Eager to learn from onboard training
  • You have a drive to become an independent engineer

Apply by mailing your resume & motivation to Pauline van Deursen: