GLC fabrication service

Vitrotem offers GLC fabrication for your samples. The preparation can be performed within your own laboratory or at Vitrotem, depending on what your samples require. Contact us to find out how we can be of help with your in-vitro research.

Pioneering application discovery

Do you envision innovative application of our technology in your business or research, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you.
Vitrotem is continuously looking for new application areas of our proprietary graphene and transfer technology inside and outside the field of transmission electron microscopy. Our in-house grown single layer graphene is unmatched in cleanliness and optimized for use as a substrate in transmission electron microscopy. Our unique graphene transfer technology avoids the use of transfer polymers, resulting in macroscopic area, contaminant-free graphene. Our transfer technology is suitable for automation.

Let us show you what GLCs can do.

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