Prepare Graphene Liquid Cell in 6 Steps

Infographic – Prepare Graphene Liquid Cell in 6 Steps

Our innovative Naiad-1 system simplifies the process of preparing Graphene Liquid Cells (GLCs) for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) imaging. Our “Prepare Graphene Liquid Cell in 6 Steps” infographic guides you through the process of using our automated GLC preparation system, making it easy to achieve high-resolution imaging of liquid-phase samples without the need for complicated sample preparation.

With the Naiad-1 system, graphene liquid cell assembly becomes an easy task. The Naiad-1 automates the preparation of graphene sheets and assembles GLCs containing liquid-based samples on standard TEM grids. This means that you can prepare GLCs quickly and efficiently, without wasting time on sample preparation. GLC grids are ready to image in a matter of minutes. Watch how it works here.

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Infographic about how Prepare Graphene Liquid Cell in 6 steps