With the Naiad system, graphene liquid cell assembly becomes an easy task. The Naiad automates graphene preparation and assembles GLCs containing liquid-based samples on standard TEM grids. GLC grids are ready to image in a matter of minutes.


The GLC Kit supplies materials for five GLC grids assembled in the Naiad system, including:

  • 5x Graphene-on-Copper Disk
  • 5x TEM Grid in Cartridge
  • 1x Disk Carrier
  • 5x Loop Cardridge

Vitrotem graphene is developed to have large grain size and high coverage. Each batch is validated to ensure complete coverage of the TEM grid image area after transfer to the TEM grid by the Naiad system.

On request, Vitrotem supplies other type of TEM grids to suit your needs.

Liquids Pack

The Liquids Pack provides the fluids required for the etching of Copper from the Graphene-on-Copper Disks in the Naiad. The Liquids Pack has a capacity for seven graphene preparation runs, amounting to a maximum output of 35 GLC grids.

On request, Vitrotem supplies a variety of commonly used buffers for the final stage of graphene liquid cells assembly.

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